She's a good big sister. She loves her little brother and kisses his head ever-so-gently. And she loves him so much that she wants him to stay little and cute forever! Maybe it's because she knows what pains baby boys become when they discover things like frogs and snakes!

The video is adorable. She'll make you laugh, but you'll also feel bad for her when she starts talking about not wanting to die. What a sweet little girl to love her brother so! I love when she leans over and so very gently kisses his head.

But, while you're watching, don't miss the expression on the little brother's face. She's crying....and he's sitting there with a big smile, like he's thinking, 'Wow..she's funny!' Or maybe he's thinking,' she going to be fun to torment when I get older!'

Yes, I grew up with TWO big brothers.