The photo above is one that I have taken recently. To me there's something intriguing and melancholy about buildings that have been abandoned, houses particularly. I imagine the life that filtered in and out of its doors during it's existence--many voices and laughter, wood fires, smells of cooking food, chores tackled, loved shared and made, babies born, bread broken, prayers uttered, birthdays and other special events celebrated, deaths mourned, arguments had, and dreams both fulfilled and unfulfilled.The stories they might tell if they could talk.

Well, is seems there's another photographer besides myself that shares the same passion. And I must say that he's a bit braver than me, as he'll often enter places without permission to capture some incredible yet ghostly images. His name is Andre Govia, and he's a London based photographer that has a eye and imagination for old abandoned places. His work capturing houses, hospitals, hotels, and asylums has captured the eyes of many photography fans.