It's time to start thinking about getting that flu shot as the cooler months creep up on us. And although I'm not crazy about the needle, the vaccine has spared me time and time again as I watch friends, family and co-workers drop like flies when the dreaded flu plague spreads through the surrounding areas. If you're not a fan of the needle, and use it as an excuse to not get the shot, there are alternatives.

Nasal spray is a great way to get the vaccine with little discomfort to the nose, and the micro-needle is a near painless way to get it done.

There are a lot of lies pertaining to the flu vaccine, like 'You can get the flu from the flu vaccine.' Learn to separate truth from myth about thevaccine, and get yours as soon as possible. Here's a great link from Web MD: Myths about the Flu

ABC News has the story: