Imagine you're sitting in an airport, minding your own business, and suddenly everyone thinks you're wanted by the police! Would it cause you stress? Would you laugh when you realized it was a set-up for a commercial? Watch this German commercial for Nivea that preys on some poor people and makes them sweat!

I don't know about the media's sense of humor in other countries. There was that reality show that made the little girl suddenly appear in an elevator and now...this! Each victim is at an airport when they suddenly realize their picture is in the paper, with a headline that says they're wanted by the police. Then there's an announcement with their description saying that they're considered dangerous. And then....a TV news announcement with their picture!

Just as they're starting to panic, two security guys come out with a suitcase asking them if they're stressed. They open the suitcase....and reveal Nivea's new Stress Protect deodorant! How would YOU react?