Stress is a terrible thing. It can make you feel ill. It can cause aches and pains. And it can totally ruin your coping skills. There are all sorts of practical suggestions I could give you about how to relieve your stress. Meditate. Do Yoga. Yeah, okay, whatever. Too controlled for me.  Sometimes you just have to break out and have FUN to relieve stress!

Where better to find stress relief tools than at stress relief tools dot com! They have some fun and entertaining suggestions that will not only help your stress, but will also just make you laugh out loud!

Blow bubbles! I dare you to put that little plastic ring to your mouth and blow out some bubbles without smiling! Mix up a big batch of bubble stuff and just go crazy. You can do this alone but it's a lot more fun if you have a partner. OR stand around the corner from a coworker's office and blow bubbles into the room!

Turn on the music and dance in your room! Do you ever Watch "Grey's Anatomy?" Christine has this down to a science. She will blast the music and just let go, dancing crazily all around the room! It's great! So get into it...let go....if you're in a private place, no one can see you anyway! (oh might want to close the blinds!)

Pick up a joke book at the library. The cornier the better! Find a friend and take turns reading them out loud. Laughter is contagious!

Finger paint! Nothing will make you feel carefree and child-like more than finger painting. Coat your fingers with the stuff, smear it all over the paper, and mix the colors together to see how they look. When you're done, you can post them on your fridge to remind you of the fun you had that day!

Curl up with your favorite comedy. You know, the one where you can recite the lines along with the characters! Comfy clothes, popcorn, a beverage, and all your favorite funny characters!

Stand in front of a mirror and make faces at yourself. Use your hands to twist your face in all sorts of funny contortions! You might want to do this one alone, unless you have a friend you REALLY trust!

And for the next time you're feeling stressed....create a "smile box." Fill it with things that always make you feel of loved ones....mementos of silly moments...anything that will make you smile when you see it. And whenever you're feeling stressed, open the box and let yourself relax!