Brewer Youth Hockey is giving kids a chance to try hockey for free this Saturday! It's open to everyone, so even kids who don't want to play hockey can stop by for a free skate at the Penobscot Ice Arena in Brewer.

The Penobscot Ice Arena will be open from 3 to 4pm this Saturday afternoon so area kids can skate for free! There will be a limited amount of hockey gear on-hand but they do ask that kids bring their own skates, if they have them. There will be a very limited supply of skates available Saturday, but there's a chance they won't have them in your child's size.

Kids can put on the gear and head out on the ice to get a feel for the game! And there will be information available for parents about lessons. Do you know they can actually start teaching kids to skate before they can walk? How cool is that?!

For more information, call George Bishop at 944-5965 or log onto the Brewer Youth Hockey website.