Before coming to work this morning, I went about the duties needed to get ready for a major snow storm. But all I can think about is spring flowers! I know that they're on the other side of this storm. So I found a video to help us all keep a little spring in our hearts today.

It was a typical pre-storm morning at my house. I moved the trash cans out of the driveway, so the plow driver doesn't launch them across the yard. I moved the shovel to the steps, to make sure that we could shovel our way out. I checked the fridge to make a mental note of whatever groceries we need for the evening meal, so I can pick them up on the way home. (no return trip needed) And when I got to work, I backed into my parking space so I can drive out through the snow easily.

I know we're all hoping this is the last hurrah for the winter. Soon the grass will be green and crocuses will start poking up through the soil. The sun will warm and the wind will slow, and we'll all want to be outside to enjoy it! But it just isn't getting here fast enough!

So, here's a quick video that will give you a little spring respite. Some beautiful flowers and soft music is just what we all need as the white stuff piles up outside. Remember....tomorrow is the first day of Spring!