It's Martin Luther King, Jr Day and so I wanted to share a country song dedicated to Reverend King and others. I immediately began to look for Garth Brooks' video for 'The Dance.' It wasn't easy to find, but so glad I did.

YouTube doesn't have a copy of the original video, which surprised me. I'm not sure if the song is just too old, or if Garth pulled some of his videos, perhaps to market commercially. But, for whatever reason, I couldn't find it.

Google was next. I searched for the song and came up with a link to a video from a video countdown show. Not only does it have the video, it includes the clip at the beginning where Garth talks about why he went in that direction with it.

An amazingly haunting and beautiful song. Video clips of some of America's heroes. And lyrics that make us all thankful for having the chance to enjoy 'the dance' of life. For me, it's the perfect combination. Click the link below to see it for yourself. And take a moment to honor the people, like Reverend King, who made sacrifices to live their lives the way they wanted, and to make our lives even better.