With all the focus on Obamacare, one major program that helps to feed the poor in our nation has suddenly stolen the spotlight. Today, Food Stamp recipients (worthy and working poor) will see a reduction in the amount they receive every month. The benefit that was implemented from the 2009 economic stimulus has run dry. Right now, 47 million Americans rely on Food Stamps to supplement their income and feed their families. It's a major blow.

An article from the Portland Press Herald from earlier this year explained in part the enormity of hunger here in Maine:

The need for help is evident in the number of Mainers qualifying for food stamps, or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program [SNAP]. A record 252,000 Mainers relied on the federally funded food aid during an average month in 2012, a 56 percent increase from before the recession in 2007. (Portland Press Herald, April 2013)

According to the Good Shepherd Food Bank here in Maine, 200,000 Mainers are food insecure, meaning they are or sure where the next meal is coming from. Maine is 18th in the nation and 1st in New England when it comes to food insecurity. Hunger is a huge problem here in Maine and it's growing everyday. With unemployment at 6.9%, the future is bleak.

Food cupboards and pantries will be strained to the max in the days ahead. No matter how you feel about federal programs that help the needy, one thing for sure is that we need to take care of the kids that need it the most.