Wind swept rains now pummeling the state, along with an approaching high tide have officials in the City of Bangor asking people to stay clear  due to flooding concerns.

Bangor Police Sgt. Cathy Rumsey says the parking areas referred to as East & West Kenduskeag Plaza are at risk. These are the parking areas behind the Pickering Square Parking Garage, the Penobscot Judicial Center and the Camden National Bank.

 If your vehicle is already parked in one of those areas you are strongly urged to move it as soon as possible.

Water levels in the Kenduskeag Stream are rising due to ice, heavy rain, and the incoming tide (high tide is estimated to be at 2:27 pm today) and there is a risk of flooding.

It is anticipated that these parking areas will be re-opened around 5pm but that will depend on water levels at that time.

Permit holders for those lots are advised to move their vehicles to either the Lower Abbott Lot off of Harlow Street or into the Pickering Square Parking Garage.