Spring is all about colors. Grass turning green. Colorful flowers poking up through the soil. Bright yellow sunshine! But we're a little short of most of those right now. It's a typical early spring in Maine...lots of brown! So when I saw this video, I just had to share it. Not only is it full of bright colors, but it looks like fun!

The music isn't country. But the beat is infectious! It's by a group called "Scott and Brendo" and the song is called "Light It Up." The people in the audience are obviously equipped with some sort of device containing colored chalk. And when they let it go...WOW! Beautiful!

Of course, if I were in this crowd, I'd be so stuffed up by allergies that I'd need oxygen. But it would be worth it to have this much fun! If the spring colors aren't coming fast enough for you, check out the video. Trust me, there's plenty of color!