There's a connection that country star that Eric Church makes with his audience that's unmistakeably direct. Just listen to his music and you'd swear it's by-passing your ears and going directly into your veins. Powerful, yet engaging.

It's no wonder that Eric picked up CMA's Album of the Year with his release of, 'Chief.' Already there have been four songs that have climbed the charts: Creepin', Springsteen, Drink in my Hand, and Homeboy (one of my favorites). There may be one or two more on that album that might be 'hit worthy.'

Bottom line--buy the album. Guaranteed you'll wear it out.

My favorite video from Eric came from his 'Homeboy' release. It's a song about a guy's brother who has taken some wrong turns in life, and essentially he's encouraging, if not begging, for him to come home. I think many of us have had similar conversations with those we love that have taken a bad road looking for fulfillment.

I love this lyrical part of the song:

"Ain't no shame in a blue collar forty,
Little house little kids little small town story
If you don't ever do anything else for me just do this for me brother,
Come on home, boy..."