Our mothers always told us to dress appropriately for the position we want....which, in theory, is excellent advice! But what if you're barely able to make ends meet as it is? There's no money to go out and buy a business suit or even a pair of dress slacks and a blouse. Well, an organization in Bangor wants to help!

The new "Dress for Success" boutique is located in the Bangor Housing Authority facility on the Davis Road. They're busy now stocking their shelves, but starting next month, they'll be THE place to go for women new to the workforce. The staff will not only outfit you for the interview but, if you get the job, they'll provide you with a week's worth of professional wear!

And it's not just about clothing! The folks at "Dress for Success" will help you put together a resume and cover letter, conduct mock interviews, and provide job retention services. Everything a woman needs to make the transition to a professional career.

For more information, click here or call 659-3376. Good luck, ladies!