A wonderful organization that helps senior citizens feed their pets is now looking for donations. And a donation through a local kennel could net even more food than usual!

Pets can be an important part of a senior citizen's life. If an elderly person lives alone, and especially in a rural area, that animal may be the only living being they see and talk to on a daily basis. That companionship helps battle depression and loneliness, and can even lower a person's blood pressure! Plus, it gives the senior, who may spend days without human interaction, someone to take care of, and a sense of purpose.

But the sad truth is, many of these seniors have a tough time affording the food needed for their animals. They, like so many of us, are forced into making tough choices. Do they buy pet food or pay for their prescriptions? Kibble or heating oil? Some will even use what little money they have to buy food for the animals rather than feeding themselves. And the result can be that the dogs and cats are sent to a shelter, and the senior is on their own.

This is where the Furry Friends Food Bank comes in. A service of the Eastern Area Agency on Aging, the group collects donations of pet food and delivers it to seniors in need. Donating a bag of food to FFFB means that a senior can keep their pet for a little longer, and enjoy the love and companionship of having them nearby.

Donating is easy! Dog or cat food (they mostly need cat food, but dog food is always welcome) can be dropped off at the Eastern Area Agency on Aging's office, 450 Essex Street in Bangor. Or you can make a cash donation at Green Acres Kennel Shop, which is on Outer Union Street in Bangor. You can even donate online through Green Acres Kennel Shop. And the cool part about that is, the folks at Green Acres have great contacts so they can purchase the food at wholesale prices (and sometimes even cheaper). So that means your donation goes even further! The drive lasts through December 21st, so donate today! For more information, log onto the donation page for Furry Friends Food Bank. And thanks!