I don't think I've ever been so excited about working on a Saturday! TODAY!, from 11 to 2, I'll be broadcasting from Blue Seal Feeds on Stillwater Avenue for the "Clean Paws 4 a Cause" Doggy Wash! And today, I got to see some of the products you can get from Mutt Nose Best!

All the products have great names.....like, I picked up some "U Tick Me Off," a shampoo designed to keep ticks off your puppy! There's also "U Hairy Dog," which is a shed releasing shampoo...and "U Berry Calm Puppy", which smells like lavender and blueberry!

They're all made from Maine products and they smell great! Then there's the Ear and Eye wipes, which are like little sleeves you put over your finger to clean out your dogs' eye boogies and clean their ears. Cool!

All the products are available at Blue Seal Feeds, so you can pick some up Saturday when you bring your pet by for the dog wash! We'll be there from 11 to 2, but the dog wash lasts til 3. All the proceeds from the day will go to the Bangor Humane Society...and they'll have an adoptable pet at the event, as well!

W.A. Bean hot dogs, Coca-cola, raffles, and lots and lots of dogs! There will even be ice cream from the Darling's Ice Cream truck, by donation, between 11 and 12! I hope you join us! Bring your doggy....and oh yeah...B.Y.O.T....Bring Your OWN Towel!!