Cindy and Jim in Bitstrips

If you're on Facebook, you've probably noticed some of your friends suddenly have some cool cartoons starring themselves and their friends. If you're not sure where they're coming from, then you should check out Bitstrips. I created avatars for myself and for my boyfriend Jim and it was fun!

Once you've created your avatar like mine (below), you can choose from a variety of single-person cartoons to insert yourself into. I created the one on our home page doing my DJ thing. Pretty cool, huh?

Another option is to create a Greeting card. You can pick from your friends to join you in the cartoon, which is how I made the cartoon above about me and Jim. It's creative, silly, and fun! It may just be another passing trend, like the Giraffe challenge, but you can save the avatar to your computer and have it forever. And how cool is it to have an avatar that kinda looks like you that you created? Awesome!