When Shirley and I went hiking at Schoodic last August for our 29th Wedding Anniversary, I was always on the lookout for some interesting angles for pictures, and I like unusual things. So when we stumbled across an impression in a huge rock, I said, 'Hey Shirl, I think I found a dinosaur footprint!' Of course I took a picture.

I never it gave it much thought until recently, when a story ran on internet about some dinosaur footprints that were literally stolen from a park in Utah. When I saw the prints, I was reminded of my find and decided to post it for you to make a determination.

I'm also posting a photo of a confirmed 'dino' print for comparison.

What do you think?

My Dino Print Find:

Footprint at Schoodic
Photo, Nelson Jewell


Photo of a footprint of a confirmed dinosaur:

Photo, Pearl Jackson