We're all doing it this morning...digging out of the snow. It's tough to start the day with a smile when you have to work hard to shovel out, just to go in and work some more. So, hopefully this video will help you to smile a little bit. It's an oldie....but a goodie!

I was talking to a friend in California yesterday where they were expecting .35 inches of rain. He said there were "storm warnings" on TV because they've been so dry for so long, this rainfall would be huge! I had to laugh. I mean....really? It seems pretty silly when we were expecting 18 inches of snow!

It amazes me, really, how hardy we Mainers are in this stuff. 18 inches of snow? No big deal. We'll just dig out in the morning...carve little paths to our doors and brush off the car. Thank goodness for the folks who spend all night plowing the white stuff so we can drive once we get ourselves dug out! We may complain about it (who wouldn't?!), but we adjust, adapt, and move on to the next thing.

I saw this video several years ago and it still makes me laugh. So watch the video...and then feel a little better about cleaning off your own car. Just...make sure you know what you're doing!