Halloween costumes are expensive. There's just no easy way to say that! And for many families, it's tough to justify spending that kind of money for one night of fun. Plus, all those costumes clog up the landfills, when they're only used once. So an organization in Brewer has a solution. A Halloween costume exchange!

You're invited to bring your kids' costumes from last year and exchange them for new-to-you costumes, free of charge! The only restrictions are they won't take rubber masks or plastic items that won't degrade well in a landfill., and they ask that the costumes you bring be gently used. (in other words, not dirty or torn)

The Annual Costume Swap will be held this Saturday, October 13th, beginning at 11:30am at Snap Fitness in Brewer. There will even be a display of some alternatives to candy and sweets on the big night!

For more information, call Deb Daigle at 385-5889. Happy Halloween!