Craig Morgan has shared another track from his new album, A Whole Lot More to Me. The song, "Nowhere Without You," is a stripped down love song that hints in the new directions this album is taking.

“This record shows them a side of me that I think a lot of people haven’t heard,” Morgan tells The Boot. “I think some of my long-term fans that have been around me for a long time, they’ve heard this side of me; they’ve seen it. They’ve come to know me, so they know that I’m capable of doing something different than 'Redneck Yacht Club' and 'International Harvester.'"

Fans can hear bits of that "something different" on "Nowhere Without You." The song is a serious but simple love song, featuring Morgan expressing gratitude to a woman. As he sings, "You are the flame that burned me down / You are the turn that brought me around / I am the difference your touch made / I want to thank you, girl, for loving me like you do / So glad you found me when I was nowhere without you."

The song is in line with how Morgan has described his hopes for the album.

“[I want to] sell a ton of records and influence people’s lives and have them impacted emotionally,” he says. “I hope that, at some point, somebody listens to it, who might be going through tough times with their spouse, and they go, ‘You know what? I love them, and no matter how hard it is right now, this song makes me appreciate them.’”

You can listen to "Nowhere Without You" below. The album is available on Amazon and iTunes.

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