In our sleepy little town of Levant, Maine, the late night cries of Coyotes is eerily evident on many occasion. During this past summer, nary a night would go by without the cries and howls of the four-legged critters. And sometimes they seemed much closer than I prefer. With two domesticated dogs of my own, I've wondered if they'd become a quick and tasty meal for a pack of coyotes in our backyard someday. Well, after watching a video story today, I've learned that not only are my pets in danger, but so am I and the rest of my family.

Urban sprawl is a major cause of Coyote encounters. Humanity is quite literally forcing them out of their environment. And from what I've read, some people have even taken to feeding them. The results of doing such things is having a tragic effect.

A young man was attacked by a pack of Coyotes in Colorado recently, leaving him riddled with nasty bites. Could it happen here in Maine? It already has! A few years ago a child was attacked when playing on a trampoline in her back yard. 

So what are we to do? Maine's Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife have a comprehensive list of things you can do around your home to protect your children, pets, property and you: MDIFW.

Here's the Colorado Coyote attack video story from ABC: