The week continues with two more nominees for Country's Hottest Woman. Each day this week, I'll post pictures of some of country's sexiest females. And then on Friday, you get to vote for your favorite. But I need your help with this one!

The same name kept coming up yesterday, which was no surprise. Miranda Lambert has looks, talent, and sass! (and Blake Shelton, but we're talking about the women here...haha!)

Our other nominee today caused an uproar on this site last week when JR announced that her new single was our Fresh Track of the Day. Everyone was hitting "Like!" Country misses this redneck vixen and is happy to have Gretchen Wilson back on the radio!


So here's where you come in.

I pay more attention to the guys than I do the girls, so give me some names! I need nominees! Put your choices in the comments section below.

I'll feature a few more country cuties tomorrow and Thursday and then it will be time to vote!

Who do you think is Country's Hottest Woman?!