I have to admit, it was a fun weekend! I kept checking the poll results for Country's Hottest Guy and it was neck-and-neck for a while. But one competitor took a commanding lead and just didn't give it up!

You picked him! Country's Hottest Guy is none other than Keith Urban! The sexy aussie walked away with this victory with 51% of the votes. He relinquished his lead briefly to Luke Bryan, but soon took over again and never let it go.

No surprise, Luke Bryan came in second with 31% of the votes. Blake Shelton was right on his heels with 29%. Kenny Chesney was a late bloomer, but ended up with 21%. Tim McGraw, who I really thought might take the title, ended up with 11%.

And in last place? Well, that would be our own J.R. Mitchell, who got one vote as a write-in! Thanks to everyone who voted! It was fun!