JR, Cindy and I have heard a lot of country music in our many years of spinning tunes on Q-106.5. And sometimes we're pretty good at recognizing one-hit wonders when we play them for the first time, but sometimes we're wrong.

We just never know when the next "breakthrough" artist will begin to crank out hit after hit.

Personally, there are some one-hit country wonders that I don't care if I ever hear again--one of which is Billy Ray Cyrus'  "Achy Breaky Heart." Even though the song did extremely well back in 1992, I burned out on listening to it after a couple of plays.

Here are a few more one-hit wonders in the country world. Some of which may surprise you:

  • Jeannie C. Riley--'Harper Valley P.T.A.,' 1968
  • Lynn Anderson--'Rose Garden,' 1973
  • C.W. McCall--'Convoy,' 1975
  • Don Williams--'I Believe in You,' 1980
  • Johnny Lee--'Lookin for Love,' 1980
  • Mickey Gilley--'Stand by Me,' 1980
  • Terri Gibbs--'Somebody's Knockin,' 1981
  • Lee Greenwood--'God Bless the U.S.A.,' 1984
  • Tractors--'Baby Likes to Rock It,' 1994
  • Ty England--'Should Have Asked Her Faster,' 1995
  • Chad Brock--'Yes,' 2000
  • Josh Gracin -- Nothin' to Lose,' 2004

Feel free to add your own in the comments section below the story. We couldn't have listed them all!