The June/July issue of Country magazine features a special section called "Hidden Gems: Best Parks In The United States," in which readers can find out and view the "Top 10 most magnificent, unheralded parks across the country," and Maine's Baxter State Park is one of them!

Country sent their scenic photographers on the road to find "the coveted parks hidden among our very own countryside", with a few guidelines.  The parks must be open to the public, not among the top 100 "most visited" national parks, and one of the more beautiful areas of the country. Living here in Maine we know that Baxter is all of those!

From a Country magazine press release Baxter State Park is described this way, "Part of the park’s beauty is its natural state and a system of unpaved roads makes it a park best explored on foot. Besides an abundance of hikers, brace yourself to witness the park’s biggest attraction—the moose population!".

Country Editor Robin Hoffman says, "Looking to the expertise of our photographers for the second year in a row, many of the gems featured in Country’s June/July issue are well off the beaten path and some are simply hidden in plain sight. This list is another way to note that nature’s beauty surrounds each and every one of us—if you know where to look.”

Country Magazine/Pat & Chuck Blackley (photographers)

Within the article about Baxter State Park, it's called "a true wilderness in every sense of the word—just as Percival Baxter, former Maine governor and the park’s namesake, intended it to be."  The article goes on to say that the park is "to be enjoyed on foot. More than 200 miles of hiking trails, from easy to strenuous, let visitors explore a wealth of rivers, streams, waterfalls, ponds, lakes and mountains."

  • Mount Baker - Snoqualmie National Forest in Washington State.
  • Makoshika State Park in Montana
  • Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado
  • Palo Duro Canyon State Park in Texas
  • Chugach National Forest in Arkansas