Snow. It was on everyone's minds on Friday and Saturday. And in everyone's yards on Sunday! While many of us grumbled about having to shovel off the steps or driveways and clean off the car, our little guy was ready to go play! If only for a few minutes.

Copernicus is a Jack Russell/Chocolate Lab mix and he's just over a year old. Still plenty of puppy left in him. Having him around definitely keeps us young, as he loves to play.

Pernicus (as we call him) is always reluctant to go out in the snow at first. But if Mom and/or Dad go out with him, then he's ready to play! His coat has thickened up for winter but it's still not that long. So, while he loves to go out and play, he's ready pretty quickly to go back in where it's warm.

I hope you enjoy this brief frolic in the snow, while Pernicus enjoys the winter wonderland that is now his yard!