A photography professor from Boston College wanted to show the aging process. So he started taking a picture of himself every day, beginning at the age of 34, and continued for 23 years. The result is an honest depiction of the aging process. Plus, it's cool!

Actually, that's not accurate. Karl Baden continues to take a picture of himself, in roughly the same position, every single day. He says he plans to do it until he can't do it anymore! Over those 27 years, he's never significantly changed his hair or grown a beard. He's posed the same way. And the resulting video, from 2010, is very interesting. You can see as his lips start to change, his whiskers get heavier, and his skin takes on a drier and, obviously, more wrinkled appearance.

Baden told Boston Magazine that he first thought of the idea in the 1970's and told a friend about it. However, he shelved the idea after his friend told him it was stupid. Little did that friend know that someday 'selfies' would be all the rage!