Ever since I can remember I've been drinking coffee. Even as a preteen I'd mix up a concoction of milk, sugar and Maxwell House that was brewed from an old style percolator coffee maker. Not once in those early years did I ever think that coffee was bad for you. It wasn't until the 80's that I first heard of any side-effects of coffee consumption. First it was cancer, then heart disease, then skin problems, and now it's linked to vision loss? C'mon! Say it isn't so!

I'd like to say that I'll only consume the delicious brew only until I need glasses, but I'm well beyond that stage. Did coffee cause my vision loss, or is genetics the culprit?

I tell you what, I'm gonna keep on drinking my Dunkin Donuts, Tim Horton's, and Maxwell House blends until I see (no pun intended) a noticeable degradation in my vision. In the meantime, take a moment and read the latest coffee "scare" report for yourself: