It's almost spring cleaning season but the price of cleaning products is ridiculous! And with the cost of gas and food going up, who can afford all the expensive specialty cleaners for tough jobs? Well, believe it or not, there are plenty of effective cleaning items already in your cupboards and fridge!

Stain on the carpet? No problem! Yahoo! suggests that you grab your can of Barbasol and zap it! Shaving cream will break down the grease in the fibers of the carpet and makes it easier to clean. Just make sure it's shaving cream...shaving gel won't work!

Gum on the carpet can be cleaned with ice! Hold an ice cube to the gum for about 30 seconds. Once it hardens, you can scrape away the pieces!

Greasy fingerprints on the wall can be dissolved with a slice of white bread. Really! The spongy, absorbent texture of the bread works as a natural grime remover. Just rub the bread over the smudge! (I would suggest NOT making a sandwich with it when you're done)

Coca-Cola is great for getting burn stains out of pots and pans! Just let the pans soak in the cola overnight. The acid will break down the stains and they'll wipe right off. (again, I wouldn't drink the cola when you're done!)

Spruce up dull wood furniture with beer! (No, I'm not suggesting that if you drink enough, the wood will look better!) Just apply a beer-soaked cloth to the wood, gently rub, and dry. Commercial cleaners tend to leave a residue, but beer doesn't!

Forget those expensive "dusting or window cloths." Just grab an old pair of socks, slip one over your hand, and add a little polish or window cleaner. Voila!

Coffee filters work really well for cleaning glass and mirrors. They leave behind less lint than paper towels and streak less!

Use a tennis ball to clean scuff marks from your floor! Just put a little water on the mark and then scrub it with the ball. The felt covering will act as an a gentle abrasive to rub that mark right out!

And just remember, don't use all the beer. After all this cleaning, you deserve to treat yourself and relax!