What do you listen to at lunchtime? I hope your answer is Cindy's Roadhouse! Every weekday, between noon and one, I play what you want to hear. Literally! Cindy's Roadhouse is an all-request show, so you program the music.

There are two ways to let me know what you want to hear. You can call me directly at 991-9500, or email me at cindy.campbell@townsquaremedia.com

I don't have many rules....it does have to be country (no Rolling Stones..sorry!) and it has to be a song I have in my library...but that's huge, so there's a good chance I will! So call me up and request your favorite song!

Cindy's Roadhouse is brought to you thanks to our friends at The Coffee Pot Cafe on Broadway in Bangor. The sandwiches there are delicious! And their line is generally less than a five-minute wait, so you can get in and out quickly. Or, if you prefer, have a seat in their dining room and enjoy! If you're in a big hurry, call ahead at 990-2633 and place your order...then you can go through the drive-up window and you don't even have to get out of your car! Whether you get the Deluxe, the Super Deluxe, the Hot Ham Italian, Turkey, Tuna, Roast Beef, or the regular Coffee Pot, guaranteed it will be delicious! And remember...tell them you heard about them on Cindy's Roadhouse!