JR put out the invitation to share pictures of our kids for 'Son & Daughter' day. And hey, I'm like every other mother. I love to show off my three sons! And my daughters-in-law, and, while we're at it, my granddaughter!

Let's go left to right....

On the far left is my handsome youngest son Josh and his beautiful girlfriend Hannah. Josh works recapping tires at Freightliner and loves Country Music. He and Hannah are the proud parents of my grandpuppy, Remington, and they're buying a new house!

In the center is my handsome 2nd son Dan and his beautiful wife Joelle. They just celebrated their first wedding anniversary! Thanks to Lindsey Walker, Lins Behind the Lens, for some amazing pictures from their wedding. Dan just recently started working in a Casual Male XL store, selling men's clothing. They live in Portland and I miss them terribly! (but I'm glad they're happy)

On the right is my handsome eldest son Mike, his beautiful wife Ivy, and my super-precious granddaughter Cameron. Mike works in the dining hall at Husson University and has become an amazing Dad. Cam is Daddy's girl already, loving to listen to him play guitar. This picture was taken a year ago, so Cam is much bigger now!

I'm extremely fortunate in that all of my sons have picked amazing women to share their lives with. They are all smart, independent women who possess a wonderful sense of humor. And, living with my family, you need it!