I'll bet there's one romantic song that you can't get through without wiping away a tear. Am I right? Maybe it reminds you of a lost love, or the first date with the love of your life. For me, that song is Kathy Mattea's 'Where've You Been?' So, for Valentine's Day, I give you one of the most romantic songs ever written.

The premise of the song is what many dream of. Finding a love that endures throughout a lifetime. Having that one person who is your favorite among all, who you just don't want to live without. But I think it's Kathy's haunting delivery and gentle climax that really pulls at the heartstrings.

I had the privilege of seeing Kathy perform an outdoor concert in Freeport several years ago. She is a powerful presence on stage, full of energy and life. And by the time she got to the end of this song, everyone was standing, applauding, cheering, and wiping away the tears.

Happy Valentine's Day, from me to you. Take the time today to celebrate the love in your life, whether it's a spouse, your children, or your very best friend!