Yesterday was the draft party for the Fantasy Football league that I belong to. Yes, it's true. I do Fantasy Football. But, so far, I don't do it well, because I was presented with last season's LOSER trophy yesterday! TP anyone?

My son Mike put together the Hopkins Pond fantasy football league last year, which is made up mostly of his wife's family and friends...and me. (his brothers won't have anything to do with it) In the interest of shared experiences with my eldest, I agreed to join up.

I did....awful last year. As a matter of fact, here's a picture of me holding the loser's trophy. Yup, I came in dead last. Of course, I wasn't at draft day, so someone else (Mike) made my picks. And I just know he wasn't really being sincere when he told me they put together a good team for me. Obviously not!

So this year, I was there! And I think I did pretty well. Drew Brees is my starting quarterback.  I have a few Patriots players, my kicker's from Chicago, and my defense is the Arizona Cardinals. And, to honor my boyfriend's New Jersey heritage, my back-up defense is the Giants. Here's hoping they improve this year!

Here's hoping it's a better year than last!