Cindy Campbell, Townsquare Media

My new husband, Jim, and I spent Labor Day picking out a new puppy, who will be joining our household in a couple of weeks!

Our house hasn't been the same since we said good-bye to our sweet Copernicus. Lola, the Golden Retriever, is less anxious to go outside and explore without her buddy by her side. And Lola loves to explore! Over the weekend she got so bored that she was lying on the floor with her head down, staring at a toy, waiting for us to pick it up and throw it. She needs a playmate.

So, on Monday, we traveled to Hudson to see a bunch of puppies that are a mix of Springer Spaniel, Husky, and German Shepherd. You know, there's really no better way to spend an afternoon than playing with eight puppies. They're adorable! It was hard to choose just one, but we finally narrowed it down to a beautiful light-colored pup who snuggled us when we picked him up. Totally captured our hearts!

Then came the decision about a name. We batted around a lot of ideas on the way home, but Jim came up with the perfect one. He looks like vanilla ice cream, with a butterscotch drizzle, and hot fudge dripping down his nose. So his name is Gifford!

We can't wait until Gifford can move in and take his place as Lola's new protege. But he's only six weeks old, so it's going to have to wait another two weeks. And, actually, that's okay. It gives us some time to puppy-proof! Get ready for plenty of Gifford stories!