My wife will tell you that I love to decorate at Christmas time. It really is my favorite time of the year. The lights, colors, sounds, and smells really make the season for me. And I'm sure like you, your decorations and displays are an amalgamation of things that you've collected through the years, which maybe you purchased on a whim, or things that your kids or grand kids made. But not everyone has the decorating gift. So if you're looking for some holiday decorating ideas, then it's always best to see what others have done or experimented with. I will tell you that my basic concept for smart and effective decorating is that 'less is more.'

I've been in houses during holiday parties that were just overdone for the space available. I found it was hard to get around without bumping into something. Also, too much can mean sensory overload. You don't want your house to look like the Christmas section at a major retailer. Personalizing and balance is the key with attention to all the little 'detailie' things--people notice those things the most.

Check out what these people have done with their house and space available. It's very nice and well balanced: