Before You Take Another Selfie [VIDEO]
Selfies! Technology has enabled humanity to take self-pics on a staggering scale, in fact there are some cities worldwide that take more selfies than anyone. What is it? Manilla! Who would have thought? My guess would have been NYC based on the sheer size of the population...
Red Cross App for Kids Teaches Safety
A new app from the American Red Cross teaches kids about emergency preparedness while they play monster characters in a game. “Monster Guard: Prepare for Emergencies,” is one of the free apps from the American Red Cross.
Emera Update
Power has been restored to about 30,000 customers since a major snowstorm hit Maine on Sunday. Since then, crews from Emera have uncovered extensive damage to the electrical system. Additional crews from within and outside the state, including Canada, have been called in to assist.
Carbon Monoxide Info
With the surprise of this early, first storm of the winter, many were caught off guard with widespread power outages. The Maine Center for Disease Control warns Mainers to be very careful using gas-powered generators, kerosene heaters or other heating/power sources during power outages. If not used …

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