Skateboader’s Huge Wipeout Prove Helmets Work [VIDEO]
It's a scary video where a skateboarder wipes out and falls hard backward onto the asphalt and smacks his head really hard. Had he not been wearing a helmet emergency crews would have been cleaning up brain matter for sure.
If nothing else, I hope you might view it as a lesson as to the importance in…
Great Saves, Spilled Drinks, Angry Fans [VIDEO]
Combine excited and sometimes inebriated fans at sporting events with cold beverages, and it's often a recipe for disaster. And just because you get home smelling like Bud Light, doesn't always mean you've been throwing them back, others may have baptized you whether you like it or no…
Cindy Gets The Loser Trophy
Yesterday was the draft party for the Fantasy Football league that I belong to. Yes, it's true. I do Fantasy Football. But, so far, I don't do it well, because I was presented with last season's LOSER trophy yesterday! TP anyone?

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