What Else is Johnny Damon Doing in 2015?
As you know, Johnny Damon is appearing at the Gracie Theater at the New England School of Communications (on the Husson University Campus) in Bangor next month. But that's not the only cool thing Johnny has lined up for 2015.
Why Tyke Hockey is Awesome [VIDEO]
Kids sports can be some of the most gratifying events. With the right coach and parent involvement, children can learn so much about hard work, playing as a team, and most importantly: good sportsmanship!
Here's quick video of a tyke hockey game...
Get To Know Country Newcomer Sam Hunt [VIDEO]
Other than the song 'Leave The Night On' is a great song from another country newcomer, what do you really know about the singer Sam Hunt? Did you know he played quarterback in college, and for a short time was a member of the Kansas City Chiefs? I'll bet you think he's just a new country singer...b…
Bare-Chested Fan Dances With Bear [VIDEO]
Obviously, alcohol was involved in this Columbus Blue Jackets fan's evening. Not only does he dance enthusiastically while bare-chested, he also dances with a bear! Okay, it's a guy in a bear suit. But still....funny stuff!

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