Bar Harbor Just Became Even More Dog-Friendly
Bar Harbor which was already very dog friendly just became even more dog friendly thanks to the Hub of Bar Harbor and the decision by the Bar Harbor Town Council! The Hub of Bar Harbor is going to be installing Dog Waste Stations throughout downtown and at Hadley Point.
Governor LePage Names New Family Dog ‘Veto’
Governor Paul LePage, who has become notorious for the number of vetoes he issues each year, has adopted a new dog for the family and named him 'Veto!'
The family's new pooch is an adorable Jack Russell from the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society...
What To Do In The Snow
What to do in the snow. Or all I need to know I learned from a dog. Yesterday in a foot of snow, walking on a snowmobile/cross country ski trail and one can witness how a dog embraces winter. Dive in. Enjoy the snow. Gotta admit it's pretty when it is fresh...
Man’s Best Friend!
With more than one story in the news lately about animal abuse, I feel the need to speak out. If only we could love, like dogs love us. If you are in a situation where you're overwhelmed and can't look after a pet, reach out, without embarrassment...

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