The 6 Realest Songs About Sam Hunt’s Wife
Sam Hunt certainly ascribes to the classic mantra, "write what you know." And in his case, what he knew was his relationship with his girlfriend, now wife, Hannah Lee Fowler — the ups and downs and everything in between.
Top 4 Reasons Mainers Collect Plastic Grocery Bags
Why do Mainers collect plastic grocery bags? Why not? You can use them for all sorts of stuff. So with several southern Maine communities approving bans on single-use plastic bags, we decided to ask an important question: what are the most popular uses for plastic shopping bags?
Faith Hill: Pictures Through the Years
Faith Hill says aging doesn't bother her. In fact she doesn't even think about it because if her daughters caught her stressing that'd send a message she doesn't want to send. These pictures of the star through the years prove focusing on inner beauty wins.

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