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Fresh Track: ‘Song Number 7′ [POLL]
We'll hear this song along the Bangor waterfront on Saturday night. A song that takes you all the way to heaven when it's cranked up to eleven.  Fall in love. Vote Yea or Nay. Randy Houser. 'Song Number 7'
Fresh Track: ‘Holdin’ Her’ [POLL]
The story of how Chris Janson met his wife. Of course, he calls it his #1 favorite song. The things he loves most in life, his wife, his kids, his journey in life. "Out of all the songs I've ever written, it's the one song that I have always wanted to hear on the radio"..…
Fresh Track: ‘Wanna Be That Song’ [POLL]
He says it's his favorite song from the album. I thought they were like children, you weren't supposed to play favorites. It started with the title. Brett Eldredge was going on stage to play a concert and he said to someone I want to write a song called Wanna Be That Song...
Fresh Track: ‘Sierra’ [POLL]
I love songs that come with a story as to why. A high school bully that just wouldn't quit. A girl that she used to be friends with, but once they entered high school, the girl teased her relentlessly. So the one who got picked on, who went home crying a lot, picked up her guitar one day and wr…
Fresh Track: ‘A Little More Love’ [POLL]
Jerrod Niemann and Lee Brice recently hit the road together, and while on tour, the two performed a new duet.  Although Lee Brice came up with the song, and suggested they do it together, it'll be on Jerrod Niemann's forthcoming album.  Vote Yea or Nay for 'A Little More Love'

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