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Carrie Underwood, ‘Church Bells’ [Listen]
Carrie Underwood’s "Church Bells" tastes like sweet revenge and adds to her growing body count of no good men. The singer’s fictional story of a poor girl named Jenny quickly takes a dark turn, and the singer celebrates her antagonist’s inevitable fate.
Fresh Track: ‘Running For You’
Two lovers, both busy with career challenges and life. For the video, Kip Moore even takes off his usual ball cap. He's off across the Atlantic to tour beginning in April. Vote yea or nay, for The Q106.5 Fresh Track Of The Day: 'Running For You'
Kenny Chesney, ‘Noise’ [Listen]
Kenny Chesney says “Noise” is his first song with real social importance, and the timing couldn’t be better. Without being political, he takes on politics. Without sounding like a luddite, he challenges technology. Without smelling curmudgeonly, he recalls how things once were.
Fresh Track: ‘American Country Love Song’ [POLL]
He didn't write this song, but says he has a guitar case full of songs he has written, and is constantly writing. The Q106.5 Fresh Track Of The Day, starts and ends in his home state of Florida. Vote Yea or Nay for Jake Owen, American Country Love Song...
Fresh Track: ‘If The Boot Fits’ [POLL]
The Q106.5 Fresh Track Of The Day, a song that borrows from the fairytale Cinderella.  Vote yea or nay for the follow up to Back Road Song. Granger Smith, from his recently released Remington album, 'If The Boot Fits'.

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