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Fresh Track: ‘Get To You’ [POLL]
The album won't be released until later this year, but the first single is today's Q106.5 Fresh Track of the Day.
He's 29. He's had 2 number one singles already. 'Kiss You In The Morning' and 'Think A Little Less'
Vote Yea or Nay for Michael Ray 'Get To You'
Fresh Track: ‘Road Trippin’ [POLL]
Time for a summer song. Road trip!
A song from their 2nd album called 'Obsessed'.  First came 'From The Ground Up', then 'How Not To' and now, Vote Yea or Nay for Dan & Shay 'Road Trippin'
Fresh Track: ‘Like I Love You’ [POLL]
If you've heard the words, 'we can still be friends', and they cut like a knife, listen to this song. And yes, the lyrics are from personal experience.
The 3rd single from his self titled debut album, and the first 2 went to #1.
Vote Yea or Nay for Brett Young, 'Like I Loved You'
Fresh Track: ‘Dang If We Didn’t’ [POLL]
Check out these lyrics. 'Pair of Levi's on a ceiling fan, spinnin'
The group writes their own material and also have written hits for Jake Owen, Tim McGraw, Keith Urban and others.
Vote Yea or Nay for The Cadillac Three 'Dang If We Didn't'
Fresh Track: ‘What The Hell Did I Say’ [POLL]
The next and 4th single from the Black album that came out a little over a year ago, has the same title as the current tour. Although he's not coming to Maine this summer.
Vote Yea or Nay for Dierks Bentley 'What The Hell Did I Say'.
Fresh Track: ‘Legends’ [POLL]
She was 19 when she moved to Nashville.  Had her first hit when she was 21. Now she's 23. A lot has changed.
Although she's now engaged to be married, she goes into the past for her next song. She wrote the song after a break up. But now thinks of the song as a love song...
Fresh Track: Boy [POLL]
The first time he heard the song, he says he loved it, and had the feeling it would be a hit.
He sings the song to his young boys every night.  And when he was on the Today show a couple of weeks ago, his youngest son was on the couch at home watching tv, and singing along...

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