Back in the mid 70's, before my wife Shirley and I met for the first time, she had lived in Oklahoma for a short while with extended family. She once told me the story of surviving a tornado, which are fairly common events for folks in that part of the country. We're fortunate that they are a rare occurrence here in Maine. It was a scary time for her.

But every time I hear Carrie Underwood's new release, 'Blown Away,' I think of that story. And although Shirley's story is nothing like the story Carrie tells in her song, it still gets my attention.

'Blown Away,' tells the story of an alcoholic father who obviously has done some terrible things to his family, especially his daughter, played by Carrie Underwood. Sweet revenge comes by way of a tornado that makes a clean sweep of all that's evil in the house.

Great song, great video: