It's so easy to take our health for granted. And even more than that, to take for granted the opportunities everyday to be carefree. But for someone battling cancer, 'carefree' is no longer in their daily vocabularies. so the Mimi Foundation gave a few of these folks a chance to be carefree, if only for a second. The video will evoke emotions - tears, smiles, laughter - and remind us how lucky we are to be carefree.

This video was well-timed for me. On my way into work today, I was thinking about how much time I spend stressing about my own body image. And what a waste of time it is! I'm incredibly fortunate because, despite the extra pounds that annoy me, I'm very healthy.

So, with those thoughts still in my head this morning, I found this video. Wow! What a wonderful gift the Mimi Foundation gave these people. Each one got a goofy makeover. And the chance to be surprised and laugh at themselves!

Watch the video. And then remind yourself how lucky you are!