One hundred years of 4-H is celebrated in Maine this year and that has the Penobscot County 4-H Leader's Association working to locate former members and volunteers throughout the state.

Maine 4-H is the youth arm of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, and as Brenda Mowdy explains, the youth club for boys and girls has grown and diversified its programs over the years but the foundation of 4-H remains true to its agricultural roots.

"4-H started to provide families with better agricultural techniques so that they could become better farmers, better homemakers, better community servants and it started that way, and today the agricultural component is still extremely important, but today it's expanded into a lot of technology, and even arts," states Mowdy.

The University of Maine Cooperative Extensions 4-H program is considered the most successful, out-of-school youth educational program in Maine

If you've ever been involved with 4-H you're invited to attend the Annual Awards Banquet on October 19, 2103 to share your stories about your own 4-H experiences.

For more information you can contact the Penobscot County Cooperative Extension office at (207) 942-7396


4H youth programs in Maine are not just about farming and livestock anymore. Photo Credit-University of Maine Cooperative Extension