Ever try to build a propane grill from the pieces that come in the box? As if that's not challenging enough, on Saturday three men competed to see who could do it the fastest, with the first to complete the grill (and it had to work) walking away with it!

I spent part of Saturday at Aubuchon Hardware in Brewer as they celebrated the end of road construction on Wilson Street. But manager Shawn told me the focus was to be on the charities that were present. The Bangor Area Homeless Shelter was serving up hot dogs and drinks.

And the Bangor Humane Society brought Toby, the adoptable and adorable beagle. He's so cute, I wanted to take him home! They were collecting donations and handing out tickets for possible contestants in the Build-a-Grill challenge.

It came down to three men set up under separate tents, pulling the components out of boxes and going to work. A man from Orrington did his best, and finished in second place.

Another man (didn't get his town) struggled a bit, but kept his sense of humor. At one point, when he was clearly not even close to winning, he started singing, "I'll be home for Christmas..." He also commented a few times that he thought he was putting together a 10-speed bike!

The winner was Patrick from Brewer who claims he never put a grill together before. But, wow, he got it constructed fast, in just over an hour! And it worked, which was a requirement. Patrick got to take home his $129 propane grill!

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who took part. It was fun! And the losers didn't go away empty-handed. They each received a gift card to Aubuchon!