Photo, Maine State Police

Earlier this week a 17 year old girl managed to keep her wits about her and give police a description after a man broke into her home while she was home alone.

Public Safety Spokesman Steve McCausland says two brothers have now been charged in connection with that home invasion. 

James and Stephen Dingus of Augusta face multiple charges from both Franklin and the Lincoln County sheriff’s offices in connection with several burglaries.

James Dingus was picked up while walking and with assistance from Augusta Police and the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, Steven Dingus was located in an apartment on State Street in Augusta a short time later.

McCausland says he jumped from a second story window attempting to avoid arrest.

State Police Lt. Shaun Currie saw Dingus jump and took him into custody as he landed on the ground.

The girl hid in her bedroom and was unhurt in the break in. Its not clear which of the brothers entered the home in Chesterville Monday, but the girl said he fled when he saw her and that's when she called 911 and gave police a description.

Detectives from Lincoln County and Franklin County along with State Police conducted a search of their apartment at 37 Gage Street. Their car -- a 1998 maroon Chevy Lumina was also seize