The Brewer High School robotics team will hold a fundraising yard sale this weekend with a huge variety of items up for grabs!

I love that Brewer has a robotics team. I mean, when I was at this school (eons ago), there was a hands-on type class called 'SHOP,' but nothing like this! Now, students are developing robots that can hop over moats (see video above) and throw frisbees. It's so cool!

And Brewer's team is pretty awesome. This year, the team known as Orange Chaos earned 8th place in their division at the 2016 First World Championships in St. Louis, Missouri in April. Now, 8th place might not sound so great, but when you figure that the competition included 600 teams from around the world, it's fantastic! The team earned its trip to the World's by finishing in 5th place at the New England District Championship in Hartford, Connecticut. This was the highest finish in the history of the team.

But the components for those robots aren't cheap (and you KNOW the budget doesn't cover the cost!), so the team is holding a fundraising yard sale this Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Brewer High School cafeteria. Items for sale will include furniture, sporting goods, clothing, books, and much more! The money raised will help purchase the necessary equipment and tools, and will also offset some of their travel costs.

The BHS Robotics program exposes students to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) activities and careers while designing, building, and programming a robot for competitions. It has many outreach programs during the school year and summer including LEGO robotics activities with Middle School and Junior High students, as well as multiple demonstrations. You've, no doubt, seen them in Bangor parades!

You can learn more about the BHS Robotics program by going to the Orange Chaos Facebook page.