So what do you think happens if you have a medical emergency and the fire department responds, but you can’t make it to the door?

Brewer Deputy Fire Chief Ralph Cammack says you have two options.

"Basically if there is a problem we're not going to wait for a key holder. We're just going to make entry if we see smoke or fire or there's a emdical emegency. Either we're going to make entry because you have a Knox box, or we're going to make entry with our tools of the trade, which means you won't have any door left when we're done," states Deputy Chief Cammack.

A Knox box is essentially a metal strong box containing a key mounted on your home or business, that only the fire department and owner can access.

Deputy Chief Cammack says the Brewer Fire Department modified a few of the Knox boxes that were removed from some of the old schools that were torn down, and those have been loaned out to elderly citizens in Brewer.

Deputy Chief Cammack says the Knox boxes are a great idea for elderly who may have limited mobility.

He says it’s also now part of Brewer’s ordinance that new business are required to have a Knox box.

To find out more you can contact the Brewer Fire Department.